Surf Fishing The Mid-West

Today 5 years ago, on the 14th Oct 2015, I nailed this 20kg spanish mackerel in the surf as mulloway bycatch in the mid-west, fishing/camping on the beach solo. First cast of the morning, just before first light, I landed a tailor. I whipped off a fillet and belted it back out on a paternoster rig with snelled 9/0s and 80lb mono leader. Five to ten minutes later I had a whack and struck into a fish that headed straight out of the gutter like a missile, stripping approx 300m of 50lb braid on its first run and turning my 10k stella 'hot to touch'. To this day I've never had a run like that in the surf. Not knowing what it was, but sensing that it was a fish and not a shark, I eventually turned it and edged it back to shore. There were a few nervous moments on the way in when it neared some reef structure. When the fish appeared behind the last wave of the the shorebreak the lit-up bars of it's glistening silver flank became evident - and I almost pooped my pants with excitement and disbelief. I washed it up and let out a few massive hoots - not to be heard by anyone The fish was pinned right in the corner of it's mouth with the top hook of my snell, the bottom hook was gone. She measured 140cm to the fork (the length of the brag mat) and weighed 20kg on the banger. A fish I'll never forget!

I wanted to write this short story to share with you what fishing the mid-west is like. It's a place where dream fish are caught in the surf, a place where you can land almost anything, a place where you can get away from the city to remote beaches and clear the mind. With a bait or lure in the water you never know what is going to hit next! That same night before heading to bed I landed mulloway, guitarfish, tailor and sharks - pretty stock standard for the mid-west and a tonne of fun. I've been doing this sort of fishing my whole life, and am grateful to my dad for getting me into the sport at such a young age. It's shaped my life, and now myself and the team are shaping and changing others'.

Our 4-day Mid-West Beach Fishing Safaris have been specifically designed to provide clients with a complete fishing and beach camping experience like that explained above. Too see pics from our 4-Day Mid-West Safaris head to our Gallery page.

We offer these trips in Spring and Autumn when the conditions are most suitable. And right now we are smack in the middle of the spring season. The mullys are calling, the weather is great and we've got availability. If you're keen to join us for an adventure get in touch today with a PM, text or phone call to Robbie on 0422686363.

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