Knots & Rigs for Rock & Beach Fishing

Knots for Rock and Beach Fishing

Uni Knot

How to tie a Uni Knot

The Uni Knot is a strong and reliable knot used for tying terminal connections with monofilament, i.e. leader to hooks, swivels, etc.

Tip: When tying braided lines, be sure to pass through the eye twice and double the number of twists through the loop.


Lefty’s Loop Knot

How to tie a Lefty's Loop Knot for lure fishing

The Lefty’s Loop is used for tying on lures. The idea of a loop knot is to enable the lure to swim freely in the water, as opposed to being inhibited with a standard terminal knot.

Tip: Allow a centimeter or two between the knot and tow point.


Rigs for Rock and Beach Fishing

Paternoster Rig

How to tie a Paternoster Rig for rock and beach fishing

The Paternoster rig is a versatile rig that can be used for small or large species. Your leader strength, hook size, etc. will be determined by the species you are targeting. The specs shown in the diagram are what we use when targeting Mulloway in the surf. If targeting tailor you can simply replace the snelled hooks with a set of gang hooks. If chasing sharks you could run wire from the dropper instead of monofilament.

Tip: When there’s a chance of catching sharks, increase the distance between your hooks and mainline so that the shark’s rough tail cannot not touch your mainline, particularly when using braid, as it will wear through much easier than your leader.


Running Sinker Rig

How to tie a Running Sinker Rig for rock and beach fishing

Running Sinker rigs are simple rigs that anyone can learn, and often the simple rigs are the best. This rig is ideal for chasing salmon and tailor with light to medium outfits. The size of the sinker depends on how rough the water is that you are fishing. If the water is not too rough you can also use this rig for chasing mulloway.

Tip: You can have the sinker running up you mainline instead of below the swivel, however, casting distance and bite sensitivity are both increased with the sinker running between the hook and swivel.


Alternative Rig

I’ve thrown this rig in here as an alternative rig for chasing mulloway etc. We use this rig sometimes when the current or surge is not strong enough to warrant the need for a grapnel sinker. It’s also a good rig to use when fishing off or around rocks, this way your sinker will have a lesser chance of getting snagged in the rocks like it would with a Paternoster rig.

Tip: You can run the star sinker freely above the 3-way swivel, removing the need for a 3-way swivel, however I find when there’s weed around it will bunch up around the star sinker and rub on your line, causing abrasion as the sinker moves up and down.

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