At Perth Fishing Safaris we choose to use a number of local suppliers for our land-based fishing tour operations. We have built relationships with reliable and reputable businesses that deliver premium products to the recreational fishing industry. We are extremely fussy with the products we use. At the end of the day our business is results driven, which is why we use only the BEST products to deliver the BEST results for our clients.

Guitarfish aka Shovelnose Shark Beach Fishing Wedge Island WA
WA Bait Supply


WA Bait Supply have been supplying Western Australian anglers with bait since 1969. Their bait is of the highest quality and that's why we choose them as our supplier of bait to give our clients the best chance of catching fish.

The most regular bait we use on our fishing trips is 1kg vacuum sealed packs of scalies, 1kg bags of mullet and 1kg packs of large storm gardies. We also use their 2kg pilchard burley logs of shredded up mulies for burley.

Guitarfish aka Shovelnose Shark Beach Fishing Wedge Island WA
The Salty Fisherman


The Salty Fisherman is a relatively new 'fresh on the scene' Perth-based business providing fishermen with a fantastic product for keeping their fish in premium condition.

They supply Perth fishing Safaris with 5kg bags of Salt Ice which we use for keeping clients' fish icy cold and perfect condition on our fishing trips.

The salt ice is made up of salt brine and water. It freezes between -5 to -6 degrees (compared to 0 degrees of regular ice) and comes in flake form, which increases the surface area of the ice and in turn the coverage of your fish. So the benefit to the angler is that it keeps your catch colder for longer and the fish taste better too!

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Halco Tackle


Perth Fishing Safaris is proudly sponsored by Perth-based tackle company Halco Tackle. Halco make and supply high-quality lures and terminal tackle to anglers around the globe. Perth Fishing Safaris are proud to use many of their products on our tours to better clients' chances of landing the fish of their dreams.

Guitarfish aka Shovelnose Shark Beach Fishing Wedge Island WA

Perth Fishing Safaris is proudly partnered with Shimano Australia Fishing. Many of Shimano's rods, reels, lures, line, leader and accessories are perfectly suited for the conditions we encounter while land-based fishing in Western Australia. When it comes to putting our clients onto big fish there can be no compromise in the quality of the gear we use.