Terms and Conditions

Paying persons are referred to as client(s) in this document. Fishing tours and fishing lessons referred to as outing(s) in this document.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all tours/lessons/vouchers are sold based on the following terms and conditions of the purchaser and no agent or representative has the authority to vary or omit part or all of, these conditions.


Full payment at time of booking


Perth Fishing Safaris require payment at time of booking to confirm and secure your place on a tour. Please note that failure to make due payment in respect of bookings or instalments shall entitle Perth Fishing Safaris to consider the booking cancelled. All effort from Perth Fishing Safaris will be made to contact you before the booking is made available to other parties, however should contact not be made, Perth Fishing Safaris shall be entitled to consider the booking as void and release the place to another person.


Clients are aware that any booking confirmations held with a credit card as security do so with the knowledge that should you not turn up for the booking, or should you not cancel a booking within the stipulated guidelines as outlined below, the credit card will be debited in full for the booking amount.


Cancellation Policy


The following refund policy is consistent with both Consumer Affairs and the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission:

Please choose carefully when booking tours.

We don’t normally give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision.

You may choose an exchange of tour type (should you be booking for someone else and they didn’t like the choice of tour type).

If for some reason you are unable to make the tour date due to illness etc, you may be able to change dates, however it is subject to a transfer fee of 20%. NO refund is given if cancelled less than 14 days before, especially during a holiday period or public holiday weekend.

In the event of poor weather that forces us to cancel a booking, a reschedule or refund will be offered.


Liability Conditions


Perth Fishing Safaris offer guided rock and beach fishing tours and beach fishing lessons involving some physical activity and adventure itineraries, and is personal choice. This being the case, Perth Fishing Safaris expects each client understands any risks involved and is personally able to accept such risks as part of the outing offered.


Perth Fishing Safaris will undertake to deliver services at indicated times, however does not accept any losses, costs or expenses suffered as a result of any delay in the delivery of services.


Perth Fishing Safaris does not accept any liability for breach of contract when such things as force majeure, war, industrial dispute, civil unrest or natural disaster, inclusive of weather conditions and client illness or injury that would prevent Perth Fishing Safaris from operating in some capacity.


Weather Conditions


Perth Fishing Safaris endeavour to operate all outings in safe and appropriate weather conditions. Weather is monitored closely at all times and in the event the conditions are considered to be unsafe or unsatisfactory Perth Fishing Safaris reserve the right to cancel outings up until the intended starting time. All effort is made to give as much prior notice of cancellation as possible but no liability is accepted for inconvenience or last minute change of outing plans by Perth Fishing Safaris. Clients have the option to be refunded their payment in full or to reschedule a booking for another outing date in this instance.

Fish Activity


With any fishing there is no guarantee the fish will be present or biting on the day, and there's nothing we can do about that. Given this is the case, we do not guarantee clients will catch a fish and there is no refunds for not catching a fish. In saying that, Perth Fishing Safaris will do everything possible to give clients the best chance of catching a fish.


Client Information


Perth Fishing Safaris recommend comfortable clothing of a lightweight material for most days and occasions. It is recommended to bring along a jumper and/or windproof jacket, as the conditions on the beach are often harsher than what you will experience away from the coast. Perth Fishing Safaris recommend appropriate covered shoes to be worn at all times during the outing.


Travel Sickness


It is recommended that clients use travel sickness medication according to personal needs. In the event a client gets motion sickness, Perth Fishing Safaris cannot bring any client back to the departure point until the outing is completed. In extreme cases of client (or staff) illness or injury and where the decision is made by staff and management to cease operating the outing to ensure the person’s well-being, Perth Fishing Safaris are not responsible or obliged to give refunds or offer an alternate outing to any client.


Perth Fishing Safaris will have supplies of insect repellent and sunscreen available to all clients. Perth Fishing Safaris do not supply travel sickness medication.




Smoking is not permitted in the vehicle or within 10m of the vehicle. Smoking is not permitted within 10m of other clients unless given their consent. There is plenty of opportunity and space available for clients to smoke cigarettes on the beach where respect and care to the environment is essential. Ashtrays are not provided for butts. Clients are responsible for the disposal of butts in their own portable ashtrays or in the bin provided. Littering is strictly prohibited.


Alcohol Policy


Perth Fishing Safaris permits clients to bring their own alcohol on outings and this will need to be discussed with Robbie prior to departure. Perth Fishing Safaris reserves the right to refuse alcohol to any client at any time during the outing. If any client arrives under the influence of alcohol, Perth Fishing Safaris have the right to refuse boarding to such a client. Any abusive or inappropriate behaviour, while under the influence of alcohol at anytime during the outing, will give Perth Fishing Safaris the right to organize the removal from the outing of such a client, or indeed terminate the outing completely. Refund of outing cost is not applicable in any way for any client in this instance.


Perth Fishing Safaris emphasize the risks of personal injury or loss of life, damage to or loss of property that can be sustained during outings. Alcohol consumption by a client does affect your ability to adapt to the conditions present; therefore we stress the importance of minimal alcohol consumption levels.


Perth Fishing Safaris are alleviated from any liability caused from clients not adhering to or conforming to stated recommendations and rules outlined by staff.


Alcohol is preferred in cans.


Fishing Equipment


Perth Fishing Safaris provide all fishing gear, tackle, bait and ice. If any gear belonging to Perth Fishing Safaris is misplaced or lost by a client, the cost of replacement value can be passed on to the client involved.


Clients are welcome to bring their own fishing gear and Robbie is available to discuss this with you at the time of booking.


Gift Vouchers


Gift Vouchers can be purchased via the website. Once purchased, we’ll send the recipient a physical voucher in the mail. Gift Vouchers are valid only when fully paid by the purchaser or distributor. Gift Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash or refunded in part or full. Vouchers are transferable to other individuals and are valid only for the period indicated thereon. Once the voucher has been redeemed (i.e. the trip date has been booked) all other terms relating to alteration and cancellation apply, however the value remains non-refundable.


Your Gift Voucher is strictly valid until the Expiry Date shown on your Gift Voucher, and you must redeem within that period. Please note that it may take several attempts to take your fishing trip due to weather conditions and or insufficient client numbers.


Perth Fishing Safaris requires a minimum number of 3 persons for the outing to go ahead, and a minimum of 4 for Beach Fishing Lessons. It is advised that Gift Voucher holders need to book well in advance of the expiry date. Weekend fishing trips are always popular and may be booked out several weeks in advance. Please keep this in mind when considering the redemption of your voucher.